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The ‘Crown Jewel’ of New Bedford’s Parks

Located on 97 acres in New Bedford’s West End, Buttonwood Park is the largest and most visited public park in the city. The park is an oasis of nature right here in New Bedford, with gardens, a pond, an arboretum, walking paths, a playground, a zoo, and several ball fields and basketball courts.

Buttonwood Park is not just a treasure for its recreational opportunities — it’s also a historical treasure. In 1895, Charles Eliot of the famed architectural firm Olmsted, Olmsted & Eliot developed the original master plan for the park. In 1988, a new Olmsted-inspired master plan was adopted, serving as a blueprint for The Friends of Buttonwood Park to improve the park.

In 2000, Buttonwood Park and parts of the surrounding neighborhood were listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, Buttonwood Park offers the community a place to escape from the stresses of city life and enjoy nature.

If you’re looking for a place to play, exercise, or simply appreciate the outdoors, then visit Buttonwood Park today!

flowers in a garden at Buttonwood Park

The beautiful gardens at Buttonwood Park are just one reason why it’s called the “crown jewel” of New Bedford’s parks.

“We want a ground to which all may easily go after a day’s work is done, and where they may stroll for an hour seeing, hearing and feeling nothing of the bustle and jar of the streets.”

- Frederick Law Olmsted

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Keep Our Park Clean

Help us keep Buttonwood Park clean and safe for everybody to enjoy. We ask that you please:

  • Do not litter.
  • Pick up your dog’s waste.
  • Do not feed the ducks and geese.
  • Do not pick the flowers.
  • Obey speed limits and yield to pedestrians.


Buttonwood Park is located just minutes from downtown New Bedford, Route 140, and Interstate 195. Use the map below to get directions.


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Support the work of The Friends today! Your donation goes directly to projects that protect, improve, and maintain Buttonwood Park.

Take Action

Help us protect and improve Buttonwood Park

You can make a difference for Buttonwood Park. Become a member of The Friends, volunteer your time with us, or plant a commemorative tree at the park.