Plant a Commemorative Tree

Why plant new trees in Buttonwood Park?

Buttonwood Park is known for its stately old trees. But many of the park’s original plantings are in need of care or replacement. New tree plantings ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy this important urban green space.

By planting a commemorative tree, you can give a lasting gift to the future of Buttonwood Park. Commemorative trees are a thoughtful, environmentally responsible way to honor or remember a loved one.

With a $300 donation, you can have a single commemorative tree planted in Buttonwood Park. Tree size, species, and placement will be selected in accordance with the park’s horticultural plan. Along with your commemorative tree, The Friends of Buttonwood Park will display a plaque in the Lawler Branch Library with the names of the honoree(s) and the donor(s).

Alternatively, you can contribute any amount to our tree fund, which helps us plant and maintain trees throughout the park.

people planting trees in Buttonwood Park in New Bedford

These new trees will help ensure that future generations can enjoy a beautiful green space at Buttonwood Park.


If you prefer, you can purchase a commemorative tree by mail. Send a check with instructions to:

The Friends of Buttonwood Park
P.O. Box 2011
New Bedford, MA 02741

If you have questions about purchasing a commemorative tree, contact us.

Purchase a Commemorative Tree

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