Nature Trail

Creating a Nature Trail at Buttonwood Park

Can you imagine being able to take a tranquil nature walk through the woods at Buttonwood Park? With your help, that vision will become a reality in a few short years.

The Friends of Buttonwood Park is currently working to create a new nature trail through 18 acres of woods just north of the pond. It’s the second project in our Buttonwood on the Move initiative to improve the park’s recreational facilities and encourage exercise.

These woods have been overgrown and neglected for years; as a result, this area attracts undesirable activities that we don’t want in our park. By restoring these woods, local residents will be able to have a taste of nature right in the middle of the city. It will also provide a valuable refuge for urban wildlife.

So far, we’ve worked with city crews and volunteers to clear out the invasive trees and weeds that were choking the woods. Now, we are working to raise the money to turn this vision into a reality.

This project will take a few years, and it will require the help of donors and volunteers like you. But the end result will be a beautiful, peaceful new place for you to enjoy.

map of nature trail location at Buttonwood Park

Members of 3rd EyE play basketball on the old courts.

“The Nature Trails project — the next phase of our Buttonwood on the Move campaign to encourage exercise and promote well being in young and old alike — will not happen overnight…but together we can get it done! You are the reason we have such a wonderful park…together we have worked small and big miracles.”

- Anne Eades, Past President, The Friends of Buttonwood Park

Plan of Action

The Friends of Buttonwood Park is restoring the “north woods” as part of its Buttonwood on the Move initiative. We must raise approximately $100,000 for overall project costs to develop a master plan and trail system. The Friends plans to complete this campaign in several phases, which include:

Phase I – $25,000

Phase I – $25,000

for vegetation removal plans, specifications, permitting, and physical removal. This work is necessary to produce the master plan and can be initiated independently of the design work.

Phase II – $25,000

Phase II – $25,000

for wetland delineation, tree inventory, and survey.

Phase III – $30,000

Phase III – $30,000

for master plan design work.

Phase IV – $25,000

Phase IV – $25,000

for design development, construction documents, and permitting.


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